Bogu repairs

Our friend Debby Vigneau informs us that she will soon open her bogu repair shop Ichi Gan. Hers is one of the few shops inside Europe dedicated to repairing parts of your kendo armor, which seems like a good chance to get something repaired quickly.

Debby will be attending the ABKF Winter Seminar in Brussels, on the 15th and 16th of December, where you can hand over kit that you would like to have repaired. She can then take it with her, or even fix it for you on-site.

We would like to wish Debby good fortune with her new undertaking!

TV recordings on 10/11

Dear kenshi,

Tomorrow, saturday the 10th of november, Renshinjuku kendo dojo will host TV recordings of VPRO programme Villa Achterwerk. The show takes a playful look at different sports, where anchorman Tim Haars gets to fully experience how tough certain sports are.

We will slightly adjust our training to accomodate these recordings. Of course, to provide a proper impression of kendo, it’s very important that as many kendoka as possible show up!

Don’t forget to bring your boken for kata training.

EDIT: Photos of the recording can be found here.

Dusseldorf Cup results!

Last weekend was an exciting one. First there’s the dutch national championships, but there was also the Dusseldorf Cup junior tournaments! Renshinjuku kendo dojo took part in these competitions and the results are as follows.

Without bogu (no age limits):

  • Misako Goto achieved 3rd place in the individuals
  • Shotarou Goto received the Fighting Spirit award in the individuals
  • The RSJ team of Misako, Yasutoshi, Kawanishi and  Shotarou ranked 1st place!

With bogu:

  • Yuki Yokota received the Fighting Spirit award in the individuals (10-12 years)
  • Ran Miyahara ranked 1st place in the individuals (16-18 years)
  • The RSJ team  of Yuki, Yasuhito Kawanishi, Kouki Tomokiyo, Haruki Yokota and Ran ranked 3rd place

Very impressive results! We can certainly be proud of our young members!

NKK results: wow!

Last sunday the dutch national kendo championships were held in Vlaardingen. A few weeks ago Heeren-sensei had told us all he had an ambitious goal set for our dojo: at least two Renshinjuku members in the finals. Well, our 22 kendoka fought long and hard and we achieved this goal! Not just in the gentlemen’s competition, but in almost every competition there was!

The results are as follows:

Juniors  11-14 years old

  1. M. Tanida (RSJ Amstelveen)
  2. Y. Tanida (RSJ Amstelveen)
  3. B. Waarheid (RSJ Almere)

Juniors 15-17 years old

  1. H. Bediar (RSJ Almere)
  2. B. Verhaegh (?)
  3. ?. Akabu (?) and B. Smit (?)


  1. K. van Riel (RSJ Amstelveen)
  2. M. Wouters (Museido)
  3. C. Tanida (RSJ Amstelveen) and S. Chung (Fumetsu)


  1. J. van de Burg (Fumetsu)
  2. M. vd Woude (RSJ Amstelveen)
  3. K. Tsubota (RSJ Amstelveen) and  R. Nieuwenhuizen  (Fumetsu?)

Fighting sprit

  • S. Tanida (RSJ Amstelveen)


Great work everyone! That’s really impressive!

No Furuya Cup in 2013

Dear kenshi,

I am very sad to report that we will not be able to organize a Furuya Cup in 2013. Despite great successes of past years, we couldn’t manage to complete the required sponsoring so after conferring with Furuya-sensei we decided to cancel the tournament. We sincerely hope that we can organize a new Furuya Cup in 2014.

Sincerely yours,

Bert Heeren sensei

CT cancelled!!

Quoting an email sent out by the NKR tonight.


Dear all,

Unfortunately the central training of Sunday October 21st (tomorrow) has to be cancelled. The hall is not available to us because of the Amsterdam Marathon. We were not informed about this until just now.

Please inform your dojo-mates (especially the beginners) as much as you can!!
We are very sorry to bring you this news but wish you a nice Sunday anyway.

On behalf of the NKR,
Marije Wouters


Six years in Almere

Six years ago, yesterday, was the founding of Renshinjuku’s satellite dojo in Almere.

Thanks to the continued efforts of Loyer-sensei, Kris Lazarevic, Hillen Oost and Ayumi Saito their small group has grown to about fifteen permanent students. Every year a few more people stick around, so growth is slow but steady.

With many thanks to Kris for the archival photograph.

Fumetsu Cup: RSJ duel

Today’s Fumetsu Cup was closed with a Renshinjuku showdown!

Our own Zicarlo van Aalderen and Nick Kistemaker faced off in the day’s final fight, after their team members had already fought. In the end the team of d’Hont, Linnenbank and Kistemaker won the day, with Karnadi/Simic/van Aalderen taking second place.

With thanks to Peter Kistemaker for the photography (gallery over here).

Greetings from Japan 1

Hello everyone,

I hope you are doing well and trying hard to keep yourself challenged and push yourself to the limit.

I have been training for three weeks now at the Kendo-bu of Tsukuba Univerity. It took me a while to get used to the new environment, especially because of the hot weather when I arrived. It is already a lot cooler and I feel I can keep up with the training now, which is step 1 in my opinion.

The students are all very strong players. I can honestly say that every single one of them have a lot to teach me. So there is constant material for me to study and work on. I am practicing 5 mornings and 4 afternoons a week. I will maybe add an extra night keikolater on. With all the time I can spend on kendo and this great environment I will try to do everything I can to develop my kendo. I just started with this step 2.I hope that I will face all of refined and stronger Renshinjuku members next year, I won’t lose to you!!!

Push yourself to the limit!