Kiwa-sempai’s travels

Dear kenshi,

Our esteemed sempai and taiso leader Kiwa will depart for Japan next week, to spend five months on her studies (and if possible on kendo). I’m convinced that, upon her return, Kiwa will share with us all her experiences.

Next saturday the 14th (tomorrow!) we will have a special training at Renshinjuku in Amstelveen. The day’s motto: “national let’s-beat-up-Kiwa day“.

In support of her studies we would like to ask all participants for a voluntary compulsory contribution of five euros. This contribution will be collected on-site.


Discount in the shop

Hi everyone!

From 10/09 through 17/09 Spreadshirt, our webshop partner, are offering a nice discount: free shipping on any order of two articles or more.

To use this rebate, use voucher code HERFST2013.

What with fall and winter on the way, now’s the right time to get one of those sweaters! The hoodies will even fit over your keikogi!

Buffet party

We’re celebrating the start of the 2013/14 season and the opening of our new dojohall, with a combined training and potluck feast. Join us for a huge, group training and then have fun and a nice meal with your fellow students.

This takes place on saturday the 7th of September, at 1800 (after the training).

We ask that everyone brings some food to share. It is a “pot luck” party, so make something yummy! Our dojo officials will take care of drinks. Please bring as much “normal” food as possible, so we have more than just desserts ;)

Attendance 2012/13

Here’s the top ten for the attendance records of season 2012/13, which had a total of 86 classes.

1  Roelof Roosterman, 84 = 97,67%
2 Zicarlo van Aalderen, 72 = 83,72%
3 Onno Hart, 71 =82,56%
4 Koki Tomokiyo, 68 = 79,07%
5 Davin Mahespalsingh, 59 = 68,60%
5 Hans van Overeem, 59 = 68,60%
5 Takako Tomokiyo, 59 = 68,60%
5 Andries Wageningen, 59 = 68,60%
6 Mike Jungeling, 58 = 67,44%
7 Machiko Koseki, 57 = 66,28%

With many thanks to Zicarlo and Roelof, for keeping these records every week!

Recent graduates

At the recent summer seminar a number of our students passed their kendo exams. Congratulations to all and thank you for your hard work!

  • Ikkyu: Martijn Heijmans, Yuki Yokota, Ramon Smit
  • Shodan: Haruki Yokota, Zicarlo van Aalderen, Davin Mahespalsingh
  • San-dan: Raoul Vollebergh, Mischa ten Velden

If we forgot your name on the list, please tell us!

Our new dojo


Today we moved into our new dojo, in the brand new Jane Addamslaan Sporthal. Sensei Heeren and a few of our students transferred all of our equipment, including our two lockers, to the new training hall.

Starting next tuesday we will no longer train at our familiar Westwijkplein hall. It’s been a trusted home for over a decade, but now that the city council have new plans for it, we can no longer stay. So! With full spirits we’ll fight at our new location! Unfortunately we no longer have a wooden floor, but the new hall is much larger than the last one.

Our new address: Jane Addamslaan 11, 1187 DA, Amstelveen.

Here is a photo gallery of the dojo.

Season 2013/14

Dear kenshi,

The new kendo season is about to start and we’re all ready! We’ve washed our hakama and keikogi, polished our bogu and sanded our shinai!

In Almere, Renshinjuku will start class on Saturday the 31st of August In Amstelveen we’ll kick off on Tuesday the 20th and Saturday the 24th. We’ll start off the season in our familiar dojo at Westend.

We’re not sure yet when RSJ Amstelveen will move to the new dojo at Jane Addamslaan, but we do expect it’ll happen in August. The traditional buffet party will will linked to the new training hall’s inauguration. Both dates will be communicated in the near future.

I wish you all a great and sporting kendo season and I hope that you’ll achieve the goals you set for yourself. I’m looking forward to meeting you on the other end of my shinai!


Bert Heeren-sensei

Goodbye party

Next saturday our training will be in honor of our friends, the Kawanishi family who will be leaving the Netherlands. Following the training we’ll be having a few drinks, to share memories and wish them a fond farewell.

Summer break

Hi everyone,

It’s almost time for this year’s summer break. As always, the dojo will be closed during the holidays.

Last class before the holiday:

  • Almere = 29 june
  • Amstelveen = 13 july

First class after the holiday:

  • Almere = 31 august
  • Amstelveen = 20 august

The calendar has been updated to match these dates.