RSJ Calendar

Tired of missing cool seminars or tournaments? Then use the Renshinjuku calendar!

At the bottom of the calendar you will find two buttons: “subscribe” and “subscribe in Google Calendar”. These will allow you to get weekly updates of our schedule in your favorite software! iCal on the Mac, Outlook on Windows, GMail on the web and of course on Android or iPhone.

And because we also include all NKR kendo events, as well as other dojo’s tournaments, you’ll have no more excuses to miss out on cool kendo moments!

Kendo season 2012/13

Dear kenshi,

A new season is about to start!

RSJ-dojo Amstelveen will re-open its doors on tuesday the 4th of September.

Tuesdays, between 19:30-21:00 and on saturdays from 16:00-18:00. The RSJ-dojo in Almere will start on saturday the 8th, 09:00-11:00.

As kick off for the new season we’re organizing the Renshinjuku buffet party, on saturday the 8th from 18:00-20:00 in the dojo of Amstelveen. Dojo members will bring home made dishes (please focus on main courses). Family members and friends are more than welcome! Dojo management will provide drinks.

Dojo summer holiday 2012

Kendoka, please be aware that Renshinjuku kendo dojo will be closed during the summer holiday.

  • In Almere, our last training before the break will take place on Saturday the 14th of July.
  • In Amstelveen our last training will be one week later: Saturday the 21st of July.
  • We will resume training on the 8th of September.

Renshinjuku uniform badges

Renshinjuku uniform badges

As part of the work on our own sports clothing line, much work was put into (re)designing the logos of our dojo. For the first time since its founding, the Almere dojo now has its own logo and the Amstelveen logo has also been cleaned up. These designs were used not only on our clothing, but also to order uniform badges!

Measuring 7cm in diameter, these badges can be sewn onto your keikogi, sweater, jacket or bag.

Badges can be bought for €1 a piece from Bert Heeren sensei, Roelof sensei. In Almere they can be bought through Peter Kistemaker sempai.

Renshinjuku Kendo clothing

Renshinjuku sports shirts

Starting this summer, Renshinjuku kendo dojo is selling sports clothing.

Work on these designs started in january, by one of our own students. His original goal was to have some RSJ-branded sports gear for running practice. The clothing was well received by other Renshinjuku members and thus we have opened our own online shop.

The full range of clothes consists of…

  • A mesh sports shirt. Logo on the front and “RSJ-020“, or “RSJ-036” on the back.
  • A t-shirt. Logo on the front and the Renshinjuku name in kanji on the back.
  • A children’s t-shirt. Logo on the front and “Let’s kendo!” on the back.
  • A track jacked. Logo on the front.
  • A hooded sweater. Logo on the front and the Renshinjuku name in kanji on the back.
  • A sleeveless shirt. The dojo’s motto “Heijoshin” on the front, in kanji.

Shown above are the sports shirt (white) and the normal t-shirt (grey).

The shop is run by, a reputable company with good quality products. All orders are processed by Spreadshirt, ensuring your e-commerce safety. All designs are printed in vinyl, which makes for a long lasting and weather proof shirt.