Maruyama-sensei 3/11

Great news everyone! Next tuesday, the third of November, Maruyama Kouichi-sensei will visit our dojo. He will be accompanied by our old friend Donatella Castelli-sensei.

Please make sure you attend this training! It will prove to be very valuable!

Help needed

Dear friends,

We can really use some help next Saturday in moving our equipment to the new dojo.

If anyone has a small van or a trailer available, that would be absolutely wonderful. We need to move our equipment lockers from the current dojo to the new location.

Of course we can also use a lot of help in moving the actual equipment, which is a pretty large haul. Please contact sensei Bert Heeren by email.

Locations update

Our dojo will now be training at two locations! Full details can be found here: Dojo Locations.

  • Tuesday, Oostelijk Halfrond 445, 19:30-21:00
  • Saturday, Zeelandiahoeve 3, 16:00-18:00

Our buffet party will be held at the new Zeelandiahoeve location.

Biggest reason to split across two dojo, is because Zeelandiahoeve has a wooden floor. Unfortunately, that room is not available on other nights.

Buffet party

As kick off for the new season we’re organizing the Renshinjuku buffet party, on saturday the 29th of August from 18:00-20:00 in the dojo of Amstelveen. Dojo members will bring home made dishes (please focus on main courses). Family members and friends are more than welcome! Dojo management will provide drinks.


Dear friend, on behalf of the Amstelveen city council we would like to inform you about the Amstelveenloket:

Per january 1st 2015, the city council is responsible for all forms of youth care. To serve this purpose we have opened an Amstelveenloket and we have formed a social team. At the loket residents and professionals can find help with their questions, healthcare, care, work and income, debt sanitation and childcare.

Sports associations, schools and other professionals may contact the social team when they are aware of repeated, serious problems in a family. The enclose fact sheet (in dutch) includes contact information, should you have questions or worries about children or youths under your care.

Factsheet Jeugd Amstelveen

Kata renshu

Dear RSJ members,
Starting next Saturday we will start using the 30 minutes of kata training on Saturday, to practice the Bokuto Kendo Kihon Waza Keiko Ho. Please study this film. Also, please take a look at chapter 5 of the kendo kata book on our website. The original english version is linked on that page.
To help the studying of kihon waza (basic techniques), the AJKF developed the Bokuto Kendo Kihon Waza Keiko Ho.
There are nine in total:
1. Ippon me: men, kote, do, tsuki.
2. Nihon me: kote men.
3. Sanbon me: harai men.
4. Yonhon me: men tai atari hiki do.
5. Gohon me: men nuki do.
6. Roppon me: kote suri age men.
7. Nanahon me: debana kote.
8. Happon me: men kaeshi do.
9. Kyuuhon me: do uchi otoshi men.
Motodachi (left in the film) will always move first, being the teacher.Kakarite (on the right) follows, being the student. Pay close attention to how motodachi receives the attacks and to the amount of steps to each kata (especially after each strike).
The amount of sessions spent on these practices fully depends on how quickly everyone picks up on the basics. If you would like to practice the Nihon Kendo Kata for your exams, please let us know.
Kind regards,
Machi en Kiwa Miyahara

No training on Sat 07/03

Dear everyone,

In light of this weekend’s tournament we expect that there will be next-to-no attendance at all on Saturday. For this reason, there will not be keiko this Saturday. The dojo will be closed and training will resume next Tuesday.

Volunteers needed

Our friends from Rotterdam are looking for volunteers to help out with the IIjima Cup. They’ll need people to help track score, to set things up, to clear out the hall afterwards.

The tourney will be held on March 7th and 8th. Please contact if you’d like to help out.

New shinai

Hi everyone, just wanted to let you know there’s new shinai available for purchase at the dojo. They ring in at €40 apiece and I’m told they’re of good quality!