Kata renshu

Dear RSJ members,
Starting next Saturday we will start using the 30 minutes of kata training on Saturday, to practice the Bokuto Kendo Kihon Waza Keiko Ho. Please study this film. Also, please take a look at chapter 5 of the kendo kata book on our website. The original english version is linked on that page.
To help the studying of kihon waza (basic techniques), the AJKF developed the Bokuto Kendo Kihon Waza Keiko Ho.
There are nine in total:
1. Ippon me: men, kote, do, tsuki.
2. Nihon me: kote men.
3. Sanbon me: harai men.
4. Yonhon me: men tai atari hiki do.
5. Gohon me: men nuki do.
6. Roppon me: kote suri age men.
7. Nanahon me: debana kote.
8. Happon me: men kaeshi do.
9. Kyuuhon me: do uchi otoshi men.
Motodachi (left in the film) will always move first, being the teacher.Kakarite (on the right) follows, being the student. Pay close attention to how motodachi receives the attacks and to the amount of steps to each kata (especially after each strike).
The amount of sessions spent on these practices fully depends on how quickly everyone picks up on the basics. If you would like to practice the Nihon Kendo Kata for your exams, please let us know.
Kind regards,
Machi en Kiwa Miyahara

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