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One of the things I love about the international kendo community is that we’re a pretty friendly and open bunch. Newbies are quickly welcomed in the midst of the lower-ranked kendoka, with kind words and support. Most teachers and sempai I have met are eager to share their experiences. And despite Renshinjuku not having a ‘second dojo’ / nomikai tradition, there’s plenty of open discussion.

Another way of sharing information with other kendoka, both locally and internationally, is by writing.

Recently, Jack Tacke of the Zanshin crew, sent out a call for papers. Like him, I heartily recommend writing something to share knowledge with your fellow students.  The Kendo World magazine is an indispensable resource for kendoka outside Japan (an article of mine appears in #6.4) and of course us dutchies cannot go without the NKR’s Zanshin. We also try to make our own website a nice resource for (beginning) students, with a growing number of essays available.

If you have something to share, please do so! Is there a topic you’d like to discuss? Did you visit a cool kendo event? Did you buy some awesome new gear you’d like to review? Send it in to the publication of your choice and help out your fellow kendoka :)

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