NK kyu and NK teams

Hello everyone!

Last sunday a few of our members and our regular guests took part in the NK kyu and the NK teams competitions. They were held in Duiven and organized by our friends the NKR in association with Kendo Kai Higashi. Photo credit goes to Jeroen Meijer.


The results were as follows…

NK Teams:

  • Third place: Museido (Marije Wouters, Juliën Kavish Lubeek, Rachid Karraz, Jeroen Meijer, Kris Lazarevic, Joeri Snels).
  • Third place: Kendo Kai Den Haag (Harro de Vries, Chrétien Simons, Sjoerd Kater, Raphael David, Maurice)
  • Second place: Fumetsu (Rick Nieuwenhuijzen, Dai Linh Nguyen, Werner Karnadi, Seekee Chung, Casimir van Rijn)
  • First place: Renshinjuku (Makoto van der Woude, Ran Miyahara, Kiwa Miyahara, Maurice Verschueren, Zicarlo van Aalderen)

The Fighting Spirit award went to Sakura Kai’s Sarah Klomp

NK Kyu:

  • Third place: Man Yee Mok and Zicarlo van Aalderen
  • Second place: Casimir van rijn
  • First place: Jay Jay Mast

The Fighting Spirit award went to Raphael David.

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