Upcoming exams

In a few weeks, three to be precise, NKR will organize their semi-annual kendo shinsa. On the 26th of May, while attending the ‘central training’ in Amsterdam, you are given the opportunity to grade for a new rank.

If you would like to take the examinations, please ensure that you are well prepared.

  • Have a short chat with sensei, for advice and pointers regarding weak points in your kendo.
  • Go over the requirements as set out by NKR: ages and fees and general requirements.
  • Read our short shinsa preparation guide.
  • If you’re rusty on kata (why?!), read our kata study page for a good start.
  • Try to bring somebody who can record your exam on film. It will help you develop your kendo!
  • If you’re going for a dan grade, don’t forget to bring your yellow registration card.

Good luck!

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