Exam results

Today, NKR organized the summer exams (combined with a Central Training for all others). The CT drew roughly fifty people, with about twenty five more people taking exams. It was a great turn-up today! I can’t say anything about the CT instruction as I took the exam myself :)

To everyone who took their exams today: thank you for your hard work!

Congratulations to those who passed their grade:

  • Ikkyu:¬†Yasuhito Kawanishi, Haruki Yokota, Jeroen van Nigtevecht, Davin Mahespalsingh, Thomas Sluyter, Hans van Overeem.
  • Shodan:¬†Koki Tomokiyo, Houdaifa Bediar.
  • Ni-dan: Charl Barrel.
  • San-dan: Ran Miyahara.

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