Results of EC kendo

EKC2013-2This weekend the European Championships kendo were fought in Berlin, Germany. The competitions in shiaijo A were filmed by the EKC crew and are available on their UStream channel. This includes the finals of each tournament.

The full results and draws can be found on the website of the EKC:

Some of our own members and friends took part in the competitions. Here are the relevant results.

  • Sayo van der Woude made it to the women’s finals, only to be bested in the end by Safiyah Fidai. Sayo-sempai also received a Fighting Spirit trophy in the teams’ competition.
  • Kiwa van Riel made it to the top of her poule, but was bested in her match against D. Yokoo from Germany. Kiwa-sempai also received a Fighting Spirit trophy in the individuals’ competition.
  • Our friend Sekee Chung sadly didn’t get to fight outside her first poule.
  • Our friend Marije Wouters made fared the same as Kiwa-sempai: she made it to the second round after her poule.
  • The dutch ladies’ team made it to the quarter finals and ranked third in the end, together with Hungary.
  • Of the six dutch gentlemen who competed, only our Jouke van der Woude and Ran van Riel made it out of their poules. Ran-sempai was defeated by Serbian A. Vuksanovic in the first round after the poules. Jouke-sempai defeated Greece’s D. Kalkovalis, but was then beaten by France’s K. Nakabayashi who would go on to fight in the finals.
  • Unfortunately the dutch men’s team did not make it outside their poule, as it included the champions: France.

Great work everyone! Thank you for showing us your best!


  1. Ah! Ik zie wat je bedoelt! Uit elke poule zijn schijnbaar twee teams steeds doorgegaan, want NLD (5,2) moest inderdaad nog een ronde tegen Finland (2,1) uitkomen.

  2. Updates! De EKC mensen hebben nu ook de resultaten van de heren online gezet. De link naar de nieuwe grafiek staat nu in de blogpost en ook de resultaten van onze heren zijn opgenomen.

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