Attending CTs

Last week all NKR members received 2013’s first issue of “Zanshin“, the association’s magazine.

The annual report for 2012 is filled with a lot of interesting information and it also shows that our high ranking members have scored a lot of successes. In five out of the ten dutch competitions Renshinjuku ranked first place. In the sixth (Fumetsu Cup) one of our members was part of the winning team.

However, what should give some food for thought is our attendance at CTs (centrale training). Each year the NKR organizes five or six national level trainings that are visited by kendoka from all across the nation. CTs are tremendously fun and educational! Despite the fact that we claim to be one of the largest dojo, with ~70 active members, we only rank third in attendance numbers. Across five events, we only amounted to 28 participants (resp. 2, 4, 9, 3 and 10, the last being an exam day). Our friends from Museido (31) and Fumetsu (43) lead the pack.

All in all, the figures suggest that we could be much more active at CTs! At January’s training five folks from RSJ took part, which was better than last year. Let’s make the next training really count! On the 10th of March there’s the combined Kendo Kata training and ALV (annual members conference).

Speaking of the NKR: are you already a paying member? The NKR does so much for all of us kendoka and they can really use your help too! So if you’re not a member yet, please take the time to enroll. It’s only €60 a year.


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