23/02 Buffet party

On saturday the 23rd (next week!) we are organizing a buffet ‘sayonara & omedetou‘ party in honor of a number of our members.

  • The Fukuyama family will be returning to Japan
  • The Tanida family will be returning to Japan
  • Kurogi-sensei recently ranked 7th dan

This buffet is not potluck, so you will not have to bring food. Our dojo’s team will provide all food and drink. In return we ask that you contribute a bit of money to the dinner funds. €4 for children under 13, €8 for those over 13 years old.

Important: please inform Bert Heeren-sensei whether you are attending (and with how many people), before wednesday the 20th. This is required to make arrangements with our catering company.


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