EHBO course: details

As promised I’ve gathered some details regarding a first aid course for our group. This is of course useful if you want to decide if you want to participate. So far we have three people who indicated interest.

  • The course spans 17 lessons, starting in september of 2013.
  • The official exam (you’ll get a certificate) is in february of 2014.
  • Classes are on wednesday evenings, 20:00-22:00 in Amstelveen.
  • (No class in december).
  • Costs for the course would be €195 per person, all-inclusive.
    • Book(s)
    • Classes
    • Exam and certificate

While €195 is a lot of money, this is a valuable training providing you skills that you can apply anywhere. One day you may even help a friend or family member!

Also, many health insurers will actually pay part of, if not all, the costs of your EHBO training! Please check with your insurance company.

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