Kyu exams in Almere

In a few weeks, at the end of January, the Almere dojo will host their semi-annual kyu gradings. While they are in no way official ranks related to the NKR/EKF, our internal shinsa are a nice way of determining one’s progress.

Our internal exams are a nice preparation for the official NKR ikkyu shinsa, hopefully lowering any nervousness or fears student may feel. They are also a nice confidence boost for our beginners to whom kendo class may often seem like an endless repetition of “not good enough!“. Getting confirmation that you are actually making progress, which you might not notice every week, is very pleasant.

Students are advised to properly prepare for the exams, as if attending a real shinsa. Read through our shinsa prep guide and then read through our various study materials.

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  1. I’m very much looking forward to the test, because I would really like to know the biggest flaws I need to tackle before attending my ikkyu exam.

    For one, my kirikaeshi is sloppy. For another, I am very hesitant and I keep waiting for my opponent to move. But anything else I can learn will be hugely beneficial.

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