Bogu repairs

Our friend Debby Vigneau informs us that she will soon open her bogu repair shop Ichi Gan. Hers is one of the few shops inside Europe dedicated to repairing parts of your kendo armor, which seems like a good chance to get something repaired quickly.

Debby will be attending the ABKF Winter Seminar in Brussels, on the 15th and 16th of December, where you can hand over kit that you would like to have repaired. She can then take it with her, or even fix it for you on-site.

We would like to wish Debby good fortune with her new undertaking!


  1. Justin Young

    I just wanted to know some information, I was wondering how much would it cost, how can I pay and general for re-palming and maybe even some men repairs.
    Since I’m living in Italy I would just like to know how to and how much the shipping of the kote and men that need repairs to your shop will be. Thank you.

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