NKK results: wow!

Last sunday the dutch national kendo championships were held in Vlaardingen. A few weeks ago Heeren-sensei had told us all he had an ambitious goal set for our dojo: at least two Renshinjuku members in the finals. Well, our 22 kendoka fought long and hard and we achieved this goal! Not just in the gentlemen’s competition, but in almost every competition there was!

The results are as follows:

Juniors  11-14 years old

  1. M. Tanida (RSJ Amstelveen)
  2. Y. Tanida (RSJ Amstelveen)
  3. B. Waarheid (RSJ Almere)

Juniors 15-17 years old

  1. H. Bediar (RSJ Almere)
  2. B. Verhaegh (?)
  3. ?. Akabu (?) and B. Smit (?)


  1. K. van Riel (RSJ Amstelveen)
  2. M. Wouters (Museido)
  3. C. Tanida (RSJ Amstelveen) and S. Chung (Fumetsu)


  1. J. van de Burg (Fumetsu)
  2. M. vd Woude (RSJ Amstelveen)
  3. K. Tsubota (RSJ Amstelveen) and  R. Nieuwenhuizen  (Fumetsu?)

Fighting sprit

  • S. Tanida (RSJ Amstelveen)


Great work everyone! That’s really impressive!

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