Kendo etiquette posters

One of our members found himself inspired by Bunpei Yorifuji’s famous “Please do it” campaign posters promoting etiquette in the Tokyo subway. These posters are catchy, they’re a bit funny and they manage to drive home a message clearly.

“What if”, he thought, “we applied the same design esthetic and message to kendo?”.

Thus work began on a kendo-centric set of “Please do it…” posters. The first set of five focuses on maintenance, respect and hygiene: basics for any kendoka. With many thanks to George McCall (JA), Hiroaki Naruse (JA), Julio Fernández Allende (ES), Hugo Andrade Araújo (PT), Roger Friberg (SV) and Olivier Dupré (FR) for the assistance in translations. Also thanks to the World Kendo Network group for their suggestions and feedback.

In the table below you will find each poster in Japanese, plus one of seven different languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portugese, Swedish or Dutch. These posters are provided as PDF in A4 paper size. At the bottom of each language’s column you will find a ZIP file collecting all posters of that language set, for one easy download.

1. Respect: keep your uniform tidy DE EN ES FR NL PT SV
2. Respect: keep quiet during class DE EN ES FR NL PT SV
3. Maintenance: keep your shinai splinter-free DE EN ES FR NL PT SV
4. Maintenance: check your shinai for weak spots DE EN ES FR NL PT SV
5. Hygiene: keep your uniform clean DE EN ES FR NL PT SV
Download the full set: ZIP ZIP ZIP ZIP ZIP ZIP ZIP