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Our mid-level team needs strengthening! By providing more attention to kendoka in bogu we can and should improve the kendo of our kenshi! We shall attain this goal by using traditional training methods, which come with a number of requirements. Among others it requires a guarantee of continuity.

Members are now expected to attend a minimum of three out of four trainings. If you cannot meet this minimum, it should be discussed with me, or with Ton Loyer-sensei. We’re putting responsibility for this discussion squarely with you, our kendoka! In the past few years we’ve seen Renshinjuku slip to become a sporting club and we¬†must return to being a budo ‘club’!

Attendance in the dojo requires respect for our teachers. Tardy students will no longer be allowed to take part in training, unless otherwise indicated by a sensei. Members who are behind on membership dues will also not be allowed to take part in training. We will also take attendance, to keep track of who attends each training.

Renshinjuku is a kendo dojo where kendoka are offered the possibility to train and to develop their character. I would much rather do this with active members than with dormant members who only pay their dues. I believe that a small and enthusiastic group will achieve greater goals than a big and unmotivated one.

Yudansha will be given more attention this season. I have already prepared a training schedule.

Kendkoa, please think of your personal goals in kendo and let this shine through in your training! I have decided to intensify our training, by taking a hands-off approach to club organization and by taking active part in the fighting and training.

A number of organizational tasks are being delegated to members. You should keep a close eye on our website and our calendar to choose activities you want to take part in. It is your own responsibility and we will no longer keep on reminding you or great opportunities.

Anyway… I’m ready for the new season! My shinai have been sharpened and oiled. My hakama and keikogi have been laundered and ironed and my bogu has been polished. I’m looking forward to meeting you on the other side of my shinai!


Bert Heeren sensei

Renshi 6e dan kendo

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